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So far, we’ve had a quick look through some of the main points to consider when planning to install CCTV in the Home.

1) Make sure that all areas to be monitored are subject to adequate lighting at night. Low level (intensity) visible light is generally preferable to Infra Red, wherever possible.

2) If you need to watch a front door, either use an ultra wide angle lens camera next to it, or alternatively, locate the unit (fitted with a telephoto lens) well away from the door, and monitor it discreetly from a distance. For a flat or apartment, you could consider using an ultra wide ‘spyhole’ type camera that actually looks through the door.

3) If the property is at a heightened risk of burglary, fit covert indoor cameras in the main passageways, and make sure that the recording equipment is very well hidden! Using cableless microwave (radio) links can help conceal the equipments location (but remember there is always a risk that the signal can be picked up by neighbouring properties).

4) With a remote or rural house, try and avoid fitting visible CCTV cameras on the outside, as this will tend to draw unnecessary attention to the property; if the property is very isolated, criminals will often vandalise visible cameras before getting up to mischief.

5) Make a point of fixing cameras, so that they do not look towards the sun. Also make sure that any housing window is kept clean to maintain picture quality (try not to mount the cameras too high, as apart from making them less efficient, it also raises safety concerns when trying to access).

6) If you do have to fit an visible dummy as a deterrent, try and locate it within the view of another covert camera. If criminals target the dummy, they will hopefully be caught by the other.

7) Where an isolated property may be subject to power black outs or the mains supply to the property can be easily attacked, try and use 12v DC powered equipment, and maintain a good battery back up supply.

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